Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12, 2015

This week I've been having a great time! I forgot to bring my journal this time so I might not be too detailed, but I hope I do a good enough job for you guys.  This week has felt so long. The food is good and the weather is the same as back home. Even the vegetation is exactly the same.  I'm having a blast though!!  It's awesome to learn Spanish! Me and my companion are the power duo in terms of Spanish ability.  My favorite thing to do is to look up different phrases in Spanish that I can bust out at any time like "Mirame! Como un pulpo!!" (Look at me! Like an octopus!!) 

The first day was weird because we just went to bed, so not super fun.  The next day was a lot of introduction stuff and it killed me.  I hate sitting through meetings... I also hate the boxed in feel of the CCM, or otherwise in English known as the MTC. I got super homesick the first two nights but every night I would say a prayer to have peace and feel God's love, and that you guys and Allison would be able to feel mine.  I pray for that every time I pray now.  It's made everything so much better. I made a lot of new friends too! Like every five minutes you hear "Hey Jacobs!!" It's super fun for me.  Everyone knows me because I do magic tricks all the time, haha.  Not at the wrong times though, don't worry.  I've had a major rejuvenation in terms of spiritualness.  I can feel the spirit everywhere.  Teaching our fake investigator is fun.  Every other companionship in our district has to script it out but me and my companion can just go in there (after having prepared a lesson, of course) and just talk to him.  I love talking with the natives. My time here has felt long this first week but I hope it gets faster soon because I'm already getting cabin fever.  My companion is super negative all the time and that does not mix well with my positive attitude.  Also, one of my best friends went home yesterday so that sucked.  I love you guys!  I'm having a great time! See ya later!

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