Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015

I have some depressing news: I'm coming home to have surgery on my knee.

Basically what happened was that my knee was sore for a few days and I thought, eh this happens. Then my companion, always looking out for me, told me I should probably talk to the mission president's wife, the head of medical things in our mission right now, and tell her what's up. Then we decided just to wait until the meeting we had with them on Thursday (it was Wednesday when I decided it was hurting bad enough to let them know -just that it gets sore sometimes).  So the meeting came around, which was great! I loved it and I felt super-duper excited to go out and work, and all of the other missionaries that arrived at the same time as me were really having a great time too.  Then, I was feeling fine so I decided not to say anything about my knee to Hermana Jordan, Presidents wife, as not to bother them with anything not important. But my companion told me I should anyways, so I did. And she told me we should have it checked out at the hospital just to make sure it's not anything that would become a problem later. So we ended up spending all day the next day in the hospital doing tests and MRIs and stuff, and they told me today that I have a torn meniscus and need surgery. If I don’t do this surgery, then I will have major problems in the future and I won’t be able to do anything, let alone even think about pole vaulting ever again, and my career choice of an FBI agent will be over before I even get to start. So President told me today that the question now isn’t if I will be going home, it’s a matter of when all the correct people sign off on the paperwork and a matter of when I'll be coming back.  So yep. On the bright side, I will be going back home to see many of you within the next week and a half. And I will be able to give a more complete detailing of all of my experiences here in Mexico.  I hope you guys are practicing pole vault still though because I plan on helping coach during the parts between the surgery and returning back here to finish my 2 years. Anyways, you’re all really great. I love you family! See you soon I guess!

Also don’t worry about me being sad or anything, and don’t be sad that I'm coming back. The Lord has a plan and the only reason I or any of you should be sad is if I don’t follow in this plan. Had I not found out right now that my knee is broken so severely, I would have serious problems in the future. And I've had a lot of different spiritual experiences that have explained to me that this was the plan from the beginning and that I shouldn’t worry. Because when I come back and have recuperated I will be even better than I was before (right now) as a missionary.  I love you all! Have a great week!

Message from Elder Jacobs Mission President

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