Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 25, 2015

The first thing to happen this week that was interesting was my birthday, we had divisions the day before so my companion was switched with a different one for the day.  I woke up so focused and worried about some of our investigators and less active members and I didn’t even realize that it was my birthday until like noon.  It was super weird once I realized, haha.  In the morning I had a really great experience that changed a lot of things.  So the elder I was with for that day didn’t bring his toiletries that he should have brought, like his hair gel. So he asked me for a ton of different things and I just gave them to him, but then he got to hair gel. And you all know how I love my hair and the American Crew stuff that I use--about to seem a little gay here--and I brought 3 that should have lasted me a really long time, and they don’t sell it here in Mexico.  Long story short, I lost the first 2 that I brought and I’m already on the third one, which has lasted me since the beginning of my stay here in Mexico. But other people don’t use it right, they use a lot, so I really didn’t want to share. So I didn’t. I told him that it was aftershave since he can’t read English. Then, I went to say a prayer to ask God how it is that I should teach a certain family.  Then, I got the overwhelming sensation and realization that I had just lied and brought myself to the presence of our Heavenly Father, the seer of all truth. So I started to think about what I should do, I knew I would not receive any revelation in this "dirty" state of my soul, so I said a prayer and opened my scriptures to know what it is that I should do, and I opened to Doctrine and Covenants 42:33. Pretty “spot on” about what I should do. So I gave it to him to use and I felt better.  Later we had a lesson with this family and after who knows how many years they came to church yesterday, after the revelation of how we should teach them was given. 
Oh and I got pizza for my birthday. So that was great. 
Then, more later on in the week, we had a great lesson with Hna Lupita, the Jehovah Witness that is now a member of the church, and she still has been rejecting the Book of Mormon as the word of God, but on the spot I got this feeling that we should change the lesson that we had planned for her about the Book of Mormon and simply read a chapter from the book of Mormon about Jesus Christ when he came to the Americas, 3 Nephi Ch 17. And after reading it I asked my companion to say a prayer so that we would all feel the love Jesus had and has for us and the people of the multitude in the chapter, as if we were there. And after the prayer she told us she had never felt that way before and I testified that it was the Holy Ghost, which only testifies through sacred scripture of God. She accepted it and we left, we have yet to see more results of that lesson in the next visit this week.

We also had a great lesson with the son of a less active, also a less active, who is an atheist and likes to read philosophy and loves the psychology of man.  His goal is transcendence.  So I guess according to what my companion told me, he never would even join their lessons before because he would just say, “nah I’ve heard it and I don’t want it.”  But this time I said a prayer in my heart to open his heart so that he would hear my words and I might be able to preach with the power Alma and Amulek had when teaching Zeezrom, And he did! Well, he explained his views and I told him how there's only two options, either God does or He does not exist. And none of the evidence of the world, with all the doctors and great minds that are in it, can prove or disprove one or the other.  So that leaves us with only one option, one instrument to be able to know one hundred percent: our hearts.  If all the minds of the world can’t figure it out, we need to figure this out for ourselves, and experiment on the words of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, the words of our God; who will testify of the truthfulness of his words through the power of the Holy Ghost, who works through the instrument of our hearts. So I testified of these things and told him if he spent one hour praying and reading he would know with the surety that I know, God is real, and He sent His son, and through Him all of us are saved by our obedience and perseverance in following in His example. And that this church He established is once again here today, restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, who was called of God.  And he physically started shaking and trembling and said that he needed to go to his room and think.  And that was the end of that, but we see him again on Tuesday, so we'll see what happens then.  Overall it was a pretty fantastic week. 

I love you all! Love you Mom and Dad! Love you family!
I picked a mango from a tree in the street so I'm waiting until it ripens to eat it.

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