Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015


Ok, so butterflies aren't all that uncommon here… they are actually everywhere, but I found one on our front door when we got home one night so I had some fun with it J. My companion was just shaking his head.  It was great!

This week I found my favorite scripture, and I wrote it on my scripture case! Woo! It took like 30 mins to triple coat it and put it in deep enough not to rub off. But it's 2 Nephi 4:31.  I really took that scripture to heart and I’ve been studying the life and teachings of Jesus to figure out how I can do it. It's made the work so much larger, but at the same time so much easier.  I love it!  It's hard to describe. But I'll try to relate to you the feelings through an experience we had with some Jehovah Witnesses the other day.  We were teaching a street contact and some Jehovah Witnesses just interrupted our conversation and started trying to teach all of us. It was really odd. And then they started trying to bible bash and stuff, which we don’t do, so Elder Stringer kept trying to get out of there, like mid-sentence just saying “bye.”  It was really obvious he was trying to run.  I followed him as he left, but I just kept thinking the whole time about how Jesus looks at these women. They are our sisters, with good hearts, simply confused by the trickery of Satan.  I kept thinking for the rest of the day about what I could have done better. And what Jesus would have done. They kept trying to ask us all these questions about the bible to try and catch us in the doctrines that they interpret to be correct, versus our restored truths. And I thought of Jesus and how when the Pharisees and others did that type of thing to him, he just said, "let he without sin cast the first stone." And I kept trying to think of something I could have said like that, but I'm not that wise yet. YET, haha. But I realized what I should have done is simply bear my testimony of the truth, and let the power of God that is in my faith do the rest.  And since that thought, I have begun to recognize the true power and the sacredness of our calling as missionaries.  Basically, my spiritual plane has been lifted to yet another level. The wisdom of God is just so so so much higher than all of ours.  The best thing we can do is trust in him, and listen to the spirit.  

On another note, I cook like a Mexican now with hot sauce on everything and I use too much oil to cook eggs.

Also I got to call my family yesterday for Mother's Day! Which was awesome! I have been having the best time over here and then I got to talk to my family! And they weren’t even ready because they miscalculated the time difference, but they were still there! What a miracle! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!

I can’t think of anything else to write this week. See yah all later! Have a great week!

I love you Mom and Dad!

I love you Dallin, Eliza, Bethany, Harrison!

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