Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015


Yeah, it was nuts! So the day before it rained I thought, "Hmmm I don’t need new shoes yet.  These shoes are pretty trashed, but we can do it next week when we have more time."   WRONG!  When it rained my shoes got completely wrecked.  So we had to go buy some new ones the very next day during our appointments... yeah, that stunk... But it's great now because I have some super comfy and durable shoes that should last me until the end of my mission, (hopefully). 

When it rained the streets turned to rivers, literally!  The sewers exploded the caps off the street sewer holes, and the lagoon in our area overflowed into the street releasing all the crocodiles to the general public. Coolest day ever!  ….hahahaha!  Nah, we didn't get to see any crocodiles, but there were tons in the other areas of Tampico.  None of the missionaries saw any though.  So sad. 

But anyways, this week was just a bunch of the same, nothing really super duper extraordinary in terms of events, but with one of our patients (from now on if we visit them I will just refer to them as a patient, this one happens to be a less active member) she thought I was judging her or something I think, so mid-sentence she stopped and asked me what I thought about her.  And so I told her, from the bottom of my heart, how much I cared for her, and loved her, and wished nothing more for her than exaltation with our Heavenly Father.  But also that I knew the only way for her to do that is to go through the temple, and for that to ever happen she needs to recognize the Book of Mormon as the word of God.  She believes everything about the church now, but she has a really hard time accepting the Book of Mormon as scripture because she feels the Bible is all she will ever need and that it is complete. So that's been a struggle.  

Rocío is doing fantastic.  Funny as usual.  She is the less active member that has schizophrenia. Every time we visit her it's like we start from a completely new point than the last visit, as opposed to everyone else we see, where we pick up where we left off kinda at our previous meeting.  She tells us all the time about how different people tell her that they are Moroni and stuff like that.  Yesterday she told us that one of the recently returned missionaries told her at church that he is Jesus Christ.  And the worst part is that she just automatically believes this stuff!  But it's all good, because we always sort out the confusion, since she believes us too.  I love her, she's so fantastic, definitely one of my favorite people to visit.  The rest of this week was basically normal.  Nothing too exciting.  But I still loved every minute of it!

Thanks mom for the birthday attempts!  Haha, we'll have to see when I get it all. For my birthday we are probably gonna order pizza or something since we can do that here in civilization, unlike Huejutla.   I still loved it there though.  But seriously, I have learned to appreciate all the stuff we have at home, and how you can be barefoot in the house, or actually ever.  I'm having a great time though!  Thanks for your love and thanks for that picture of the clock!  Hahaha, that cracked me up!  Also, no we didn’t get to see the Q&A from Elder Bednar.  I heard about it though.  Nothing more than that however.

I love you guys! You’re all awesome! Have a great week!

Time is going by so fast! After my next transfer, I'll be a fourth of the way done with my mission! It's so crazy! And on top of that, we're already halfway through this transfer, and at the end of this transfer I'll have a new Mission President!  So things are gonna really shake up around here. 

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