Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 3, 2015

The Evolution of a Missionary

Ok, so here´s the lowdown. This week, I´ve gotten a ton of spiritual revelation.  I´ve been putting into practice praying and then to look for the answer in the scriptures by flipping open to a random page and pointing, without looking, at a verse. So far, it has been helping me a ton. I have had the opportunity to counsel a lot of the other missionaries this week.  Everything is turning out great though! No one is going home and our entire district is closer than ever! Basically this week was super eventful and moved really quickly.  I hope all the other weeks of my mission are like this because if they are I´ll be home a lot faster than I could have hoped!  I lose myself in the work and I love it! 

Thank you Mom and Dad for the package and your contributions. The package was super awesome! Everybody was jealous so I shared. It came in especially handy when I was trying to help Elder Baldwin feel better, he was concerned he was going home soon.  It helped to just eat some Reeses. It was hard to share, but my favorite hymn Because I Have Been Given Much has been a major influence in my life recently and I couldn't help but to give him the best candy of the box.  He said it made his night.  I felt super duper awesome about it after. That´s what usually happens.  A mission can be stressful but I know I´ll be a much better kid afterwards.  And I know it will bring blessings to everyone in my life. 

Oh! Also I forgot to say that I bore my testimony about faith and miracles in testimony meeting on Sunday.  It was four minutes of straight Spanish, not one word in English. Each of the branch presidency came up to me afterwards and said that they really enjoyed my testimony and that my Spanish is very good. So yep, this week has been phenomenal. And yeah, my English is gonna get terrible. It’s already deteriorated quite a bit.  Earlier typing faith and testimony I almost wrote fe y milagros en la reuión del testimonio en español.  Yeah, I frequently cannot remember the proper English word for stuff.  Here´s a pre-apology for when I get back and don’t know how to do anything for a few days. Man, I’m probably gonna sound brain damaged.  Nobody judge me. 

I love you family!  I´m glad everyone is having a good time with school and stuff.  And good job Harrison at your trumpet performance! Keep it up!   Eliza, you know I am drinking nonstop juice. I'm getting really weird looks from people with how much juice I end up buying at the tienda with our 100 peso allowance per week.

Also to address some of those questions now, the food is actually super good.  At least, I like it. Not everyone does, but you know how I pretty much like all food.  These people know how to make tortilla chips though. SO GOOD. Their salsa is amazing but often a bit too hot for me. I´m building a tolerance though.  And the guy’s name that knows Savannah and Skylar is Elder Sorensen.  And Yeah, I found Elder Biehn. He seems to be doing great! We actually called their casa the first night they were here and prank called them by coincidence. It was super funny when they found out it was actually just us.  So yep pretty awesome week due to the package and mail! I love it! And no I still can’t print stuff.  So when you send me letters it’s nice because I can read those throughout the week. 

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